Skill, determination and guts

I have switched my training up a little bit over the last 6 weeks. I have committed myself fully to a Weightlifting programme

Why do your legs suck?

If you’ve clicked on this article it’s because you have realized your wheels just aren’t where you want them and if they were awesome, you wouldn’t even be reading this.

Welsh Power Lifting Championship

So I'm just recovering from last week's Welsh Powerlifting Championships, held at Crossfit365 in Skewen, Neath.

7 Steps to grow your upper body in just 30 minutes!

Unsure on how to effectively train your upper body to build strength and muscle?

10 Steps to elevate your leg training and build super quads!

Are you struggling to improve the strength and size of your legs? Tired with the same old routine?

Are you doing these Six Exercises on Back Day?

Struggling to improve the strength and thickness of your back?

20 Minute Tricep Blitz

Want to grow your triceps with a quick intense workout?

29 Minutes to Smash Your Shoulders

Want to elevate your shoulder training and break through that plateau?

4 Steps to Chocolate MyoFusion Protein Mug Cakes

How to make Chocolate MyoFusion Mug Cakes in 4 easy steps with Brand Ambassador - Lili Floras

How squats help reduce bodyfat

So Bodypower has come and gone, the show was another massive success and now as we go in to June you can just feel the weather heating up, which is a blessing on the joints if you compete in strength sports like myself, and lift heavy.

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