When I was younger I was really into sports; I took part in gymnastics for 8 years, I played netball, hockey and football whilst I was at school. When I went to University my enthusiasm for sports was lost on the way, but I joined handball and gymnastics club (for as much the socials as the activity).

I began dieting when I was 18, determined that I would get the body of my dreams, however super low calories and hours of cardio just made me look skinny and shapeless. Three years ago, armed with Bodybuilding.com and some gym apps, I began weight training. From then, I fell in love with the challenge and threw myself into training. I made the typical newbie diet mistakes, not eating enough and still doing too much cardio, but I was hooked. With some encouragement from a local PT, I entered my first UKBFF show in 2013. I didn’t place, but I was convinced that this was the sport for me.

Eventually in early 2014, I joined Showgirl Fitness, a female coaching team ran by Michelle Brannan. With support from SGF I entered a UKBFF qualifier in late 2014, coming first in Bikini Fitness and then later I went onto compete in the UKBFF Finals and placed 6th.

Fast forward to now…. I’ve just finished the 2015 season, with 5 shows under my belt this year and 4 trophies. The highlight of which was placing 2nd at the British Amateur Olympia in Liverpool in October, followed by 1st place at UKBFF Sugar Classic two weeks later, which has secured my place at Arnold Madrid, British Finals and Amateur Olympia next year.

With the competitive season for the year over, I am entering into my improvement phase, with more calories and concentrating on improving my physique in preparation for the International stage next year.

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