Neil started training at a local council run gym 20 years ago when he was 18 with friends with the aim of to just getting bigger. He was quickly bitten by the bug and started to buy Muscle and Fitness and Flex magazines looking for information on training routines and nutrition. Soon he was training on his own with routines from the magazines, trying to find out what worked best for him. Within a few years he had made some good gains implementing the knowledge on training and nutrition that he amassed over the years.

Neil started training at Body FX in Runcorn in 1997, his first proper hardcore gym and it was here that he was encouraged to compete and in 2000 he stepped on stage. In his first year and second ever bodybuilding contest he won the Novice class at the 2000 ANB Great Britain Finals. From this point bodybuilding took over his life, everything revolved around his diet and training. Neil usually competes every 2 years to give himself time to recover from the previous contest diet and to grow more muscle tissue.

After 20 years of training and 12 years of competing, Neil is still looking to make improvements to his physique as well as increasing his knowledge on diet, contest prep and training.

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