Chris began training with weights to improve his sprinting at school. In his early teens he ran at county and then later national level. His grandfather was a local weight lifting champion and took him to train with Olympic weight lifters and powerlifters at Mike Browns Gym in Port Talbot, this was to improve his power for sprinting. Mike Brown won medals at several commonwealth weight lifting championships and was also a world champion in powerlifting. He would sit and watch Olympic level weightlifters clean & jerk over 200kg and squat with hundreds of kilo's most days of the week, it was very inspiring for him.

Chris used to admire the speed and explosive power they used to shift the bar. He believes this was a big asset to his early training days and after seeing a black and white picture of Ed Coan (from the 1997 IPF worlds) on the wall at the gym, he decided it was then that he wanted to be a powerlifter and not a sprinter.

Chris’s first powerlifting contest was in 1998, he competed at the Welsh powerlifting championships and broke the teenage, junior and senior 82.5kg deadlift record with 252.5kg, later that year he increased the record up to 300kg. In 1999, he continued to compete in local and national contests. It was at the 1999 Junior Welsh championships that he competed against and later became great friends with James 'Flex' Lewis, who was also a champion powerlifter at the time.

Chris has won national and world powerlifting titles in the 82.5, 90 & 100kg divisions, with world records in the squat, bench & deadlift. He currently competes with the World Powerlifting Congress & United States Powerlifting Association.

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