Adrian was first inspired by his father as he had lots of training equipment as he was growing up and Adrian wanted to emulate his success of being strong. In his primary school days, Adrian would do athletics and won a Town Championship in Year 6 which continued into secondary school, and he also gained his Brown Belt in the Karate Martial Art at the age of 12.

Throughout secondary school, Adrian began a little gym work in PE and found that he excelled at it. He would spend lunch breaks working out through years 11 and 12 and continued to train the same way as he went through college.

Adrian was made aware of Ryan Alexander of Saxon Gym, however it was some time before they actually met. Adrian continued to train for fun, changing his gym on a regular basis to give him a change of scenery and mix things up a little.

Playing in a Christian Saturday football league, Adrian found that he was gaining injury after injury which was frustrating, it was at that time that he felt he needed to make a decision, football or training.
He chose training and eventually met with Ryan Alexander, who initially destroyed Adrian’s aspirations of being a physique competitor. You’re a Bodybuilder!

Adrian has now been competing for 3 years, 2015 has been his year, being considered as one of the Top 5 Male Athletes, taking the UKDFBA Men’s Heavyweight and Overall Titles, which gained him his WNBF Pro Card. Adrian competed the day after winning his Pro Card in the WNBF Pro International Championships to put another win under his belt, and then later travelled to the US to compete in the WNBF Pro World Championships, placing in a very worthy 3rd place.

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